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PhD Position

JRF/GATE/JEST/INSPIRE qualified students who have cleared the Ph.D. entrance exam of IIT Kanpur can contact me for a prospective Ph.D. position in the area of experimental/computational/theoretical Soft Matter Physics.

Postdoc Position

IIT Kanpur offers "Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship" with attractive salary and contingency. Candidates who have completed their Ph.D. in experimental/theoretical Soft Matter from Physics/Chemical Engineering/Materials Science/Mechanical Engineering department can apply to IIT Kanpur's Institute postdoc position. For details, please visit

Candidates interested in applying for various national postdoc fellowships (NPDF, WISE-PDF, NBHM-PDF, INSPIRE, etc.) can also contact me if they want to pursue their PDF at IIT Kanpur.

Project specific Postdoctoral/Researcher position will be advertised here as and when available. 

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